Usenet Speedtest

The Usenet Speedtest is a small little cross-platform c# tool to test your usenet server speed. Currently it can benchmark overview speeds, article latency and article download speed.


Download right here (50kb .exe) or use the Files option in the header to browse other files if available.

You need a working .net environment to run this.

Test Setup

The Article Speed test requires one of the HEAD/BODY/ARTICLE commands. Obviously a test utilizing HEAD commands will be less accurate. You should increase the number of articles for this test.

Article Age

This selects the first, the last, or the middle part of the available articles. So it's not random, it's the middle part.

Test Mode

Use either numeric or message-id's based article retrieving. For tests based on message-id you can optionally specify to join the group or not. On some servers this can make a difference in speed.

Test Results

The results are not meant to be used as absolute measurement but can give you a fair indication of how your server performs with various options. Use with care :)

Source Code

The code is currently only available in subversion. You can browse the repository from the menu, or check it out using your favorite svn client.

You need Visual Studio 2008 Express to build. Once build it will also run on most modern Linux systems with Mono 2.0+. No Linux build scripts are currently provided.

Please be gentle on the sourcecode since this is my first windowze app in c#. :)

You can check out the source using a command like this:

svn co


The Usenet Speedtest is licenced under a common BSD license.

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