Lastest Updates and Upgrading Notes

This Changelog list changes from the old 0.11 version to the new current 0.12 version.

  • Add SSL support from, available in commercial version
  • Add tunable parameters to ratelimits
  • Add SingleHostUser profile option
  • Add Slave profile option to make nntpswitch really transparant
  • Add statistics options: nrforks and nrforkspersec
  • Add retries to article not found errors (cfg.NoSuchArticleRetries)
  • Add ServerConnectTimeout config option
  • Add MaxConnections to server config
  • Add testsuite - Mike Jonkmans
  • Add listening to multiple ports - Mike Jonkmans
  • Add port configuration for radius auth modules
  • Add more checks to posted headers
  • Add separate timer process for periodic writes of statistics
  • Split cfg.BufSize and cfg.SockBufSize
  • Fix logging - Mike Jonkmans
  • Fix Makefile - Mike Jonkmans
  • Fix reloading, put stuff in masterloop out of the signal
  • Fix segv looping combined with connections counters
  • Fix and partly rewrote the balancer/backup mechanism
  • Fix updategroups using balancer, groups can be updated while server down now
  • Fix servers.conf reloading (500 Cant Select Server errors)
  • Fix reversed timeout/retry radius parameters - Mike Jonkmans
  • Fix forking/counter checking speedups on limited profiles
  • Fix acct_radius port nr lookup
  • Fix profiles can be disabled now
  • Fix posts are now handled over 2nd connection
  • Remove 'levels' from server config file
  • Remove sbuf from client struct - Mike Jonkmans
  • Remove modules, now integrated with main core
  • Move acct config from auth entries to profile (keyword Accounting)

Upgrading Notes

Your old config is likely to be incompatible due to the new accounting configuration. Mainly the accounting configuration moved from the acl/auth entries to the profile.


To update, first add the Accounting keyword to your default profile, pointing to your default accounting module. Next, remove them from the auth and acl config.

If you have something like this:

 auth * authname acctname profile
 acl 0/0 acctname profile

Change it to:

 auth * authname profile
 acl 0/0 profile

And put this in your profiles:

 Accounting acctname


The levels have been removed from the servers.conf. To upgrade, just delete the level keywords from your servers.conf.